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Time With David speaks to Marricke Kofi Gane

In this episode of Time With David, David Ampofo speaks with Marricke Kofi Gane - an independent Presidential candidate hoping to win the 2020 elections in Ghana. Marricke Kofi Gane has worked in international development for the last decade in different countries. He is an accountant professionally. His experiences have prepared him in different ways. He gave the example of South Sudan where he worked for a UK agency in the health sector. He says some of the experiences he has gained in the international field make him a good candidate for President. He has plans to bring the best Ghanaians on his team, wherever in the world they are. David Ampofo asked Mr Gane what his thoughts were on corruption, and how he planned to fight it. He says, “in order to fight corruption you need to understand how corruption works.”. He says that there are different types and layers of corruption in different areas, and we need to understand that. Mr Gane also believes fighting corruption starts from the top. He says if those at the top are corrupt they will have no moral authority to dissuade those at the bottom from being corrupt. and the highest level of government must set the example first. In response to a question about how he funds his campaign, Mr Gane says the ordinary Ghanaians who believe in his ideas will give him the money adding “they have already started”. Mr Gane believes that not having to deal with big financiers is a plus for him because when he wins, he is not committed to anybody but the people of Ghana. He says those who take money from big financiers end up serving them. Considering what has happened in the past David asks Mr Gane whether he really thinks an independent candidate can be successful. In response Mr Gane reminds David that the NDC & the NPP are the only 2 brands that have successfully been sold to Ghanaians., adding “we cannot do more of the same things and expect different results”. One of the first things Mr Gane wants to tackle is agro-technology. Agro technology is a big part of his plan. Mr Gane says he has a plan for Ghana and is offering Ghanaian’s something different.


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