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Time With David team calls on J.J Rawlings 

The discussion on corruption and Ghana's fight against it, was heightened by Martin Amidu's appearance on Time With David. The interview with the Special Prosecutor has spun many headlines across a bevy of media platforms and kept the critical discussion on fighting corruption alive. I went along with the TWD team to visit former President Jerry John Rawlings. We took him a copy of our encounter with Ghana's First Special Prosecutor. In my introductory remarks I told President Rawlings that we were there because of his stand against corruption first as a military leader and later as a civilian head of state. I told him about the part of the interview with the Special prosecutor where he is mentioned as not being a corrupt leader. It struck me. You can hate his Jerryship for whatever reason but the one thing you can't call him is corrupt. How people struggle to pin corruption on him is by referring to abachas money. They simply cant find anything else. Speaking on the rot of corruption, President Rawlings shared several thoughts with the TWD team, constantly making the point that Integrity is a critical attribute to fighting corruption. I took the opportunity to press him on the mantra of Probity and Accountability which he championed during his early days. His mind is full. He shared his views on the different topics raised, including the need for leadership to operate in a manner that brings the best rather than the worst out of people. "I spent 30 percent of my time watching out for corruption and corruptible tendencies", Our visit ended with an invitation to him to be a guest on the show for an exclusive chat on how to win the battle against corruption.


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