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Top 10 talking points from Martin Amidu's #TimeWithDavid

Ghana's first Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu, sat across from David Ampofo in his first exclusive interview, since assuming the office. During the 45 minute long interview, the Citizen Vigilante spoke passionately about his attempt to fight corruption and here are the Top Ten Talking points.

1. Everybody is looking at me.

2. I feel Ghanaians have been betrayed by their own government.

3. At 68, I don't care if they take me out.

4. There are many things I could do, which I can't do!

5. I don't offer advice, when you don't ask.

6. In a Bipartisan manner, there has been attempts to sabotage my work.

7. You don't tie my hand behind my back and say I'm a poor boxer.

8. Corruption is a crime undertaken by 2 parties in secrecy.

9. You can't fight corruption, without the leadership cracking the whip.

10. Do we intend to fight corruption or do we want to create the appearance of fighting corruption.

Click below to watch interview.

Time With David: Special Prosecutor.


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