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"We are incurably religious" - Most Rev. Dr. Paul Boafo speaks on Time With David

Most Rev. Dr. Paul Kwabena Boafo, was in 2018 elected as the twelfth Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church (Ghana). At a recent Methodist Church conference in the United Kingdom, he was one of several African church leaders who voted against embracing same-sex marriage. Most Reverend Boafo sat with David Ampofo on Time With David to discuss this issue, as well as issues pertaining the proliferation of churches and their conduct.

When pressed by David on his vote against same sex marriage being accepted by the Methodist Church he stated that he voted according to his culture and his belief in the bible.

He explained his lack of belief in the assertion that "sexuality is something which you cannot determine for another person", stating that there are only two genders. The Most Reverend however was emphatic on not being homophobic.

"We don't hate homosexuals, we hate the act", he stated before saying "I will not shun the company of a homosexual"

During the interview the Minister of the Gospel admitted that religion is a primary cause of war and affirmed that all churches must note that religion should bring about development. Explaining why Africans in particular are incurably religious he said, "Africans are drawn to religion because of our traditional beliefs", and he called for tolerance by stating , "We may not agree. But that must not lead into conflict"

Most Reverend Boafo indicated that he does not believe it is right to establish a new form of legislation to streamline the activities of churches, arguing that any such amendment may infringe on citizens constitutional rights. The interview will be available exclusively on this Saturday.


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