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“You can’t fight corruption without the leadership cracking the whip”. Martin Amidu finally speaks 

Since 1982, Martin Amidu has made fighting corruption his business. His efforts have earned him the nickname "citizen vigilante" and he is perceived as a man of complete integrity. It is this integrity that made him the best suited candidate for the role of Special Prosecutor which he was vetted and appointed to over a year ago, as part of the Akufo-Addo led efforts to fight corruption in the public sector. Since Martin Amidu's appointment, many Ghanaians have expressed mixed opinions about his seemingly slow fight against corruption. In a rare opportunity to speak since he began his tenure as Ghana’s first Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu sat with David Ampofo on Time With David in what many will describe as an explosive conversation.

In this interview Martin Amidu admits that his appointment created great euphoria and he attempts to moderate expectations by sharing his challenges in office. More importantly he reveals the fact that he has several cases in court that at are an advanced stage and that need to be handled discretely since all accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty. He however admits that “there are many things I could do, which I can't do". Explaining further he says, “In a bipartisan manner, there have been attempts to sabotage my work". On the difficulty of fighting corruption, Mr Amidu argues that “You can't fight corruption, without the leadership cracking the whip". Reacting to the criticism that he has performed below expectations, the Special Prosecutor says “You don't tie my hand behind my back and say I'm a poor boxer". Throughout the interview, he reiterates his commitment to the role, and when pressed that he could be stepping on some powerful toes, his reaction is true to form. "At 68, I don't care if they take me out". He makes it clear that he has no plans to vacate his position despite the frustration and sabotage he is having to endure. “I won't leave the job, because I am not serving those that are asking me to leave. I am serving the people of this country”.

The interview was filled with noteworthy moments and will be premiered on this weekend.


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