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Time With David is back!

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

David Ampofo is back. Back with the highly successful and most widely recognized interview program that he hosted first in the late nineties - Time with David. The show is available on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

The new Time With David is 20 minutes long and includes two new one (1) minute segments called #Twdvox and David's Beat.

TWDVOX will consist of voxpops with the public to find out what they think of our guest and the issue being discussed, which we will put to the guest. Members of the TimeWithDavid family on our social media platforms will have an opportunity to be featured on the show. DAVIDS BEAT - #DavidsBeat will offer viewers and opportunity to hear what David is thinking on social and political issues.

David Ampofo says he so enjoyed his first Facebook live moment that he is planning to recommend regular live sessions to his production team.