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"He is ceding power." - Dr. Emmanuel Akwetey discusses the December Referendum on Time With David

Dr. Emmanuel Akwetey is well regarded by political observers and commentators, who cite his depth of knowledge of governance as instructive. As Executive Director with the Institute for Democratic Governance, he believes that without local government reforms, economic development and prosperity will continue to elude Ghana.

Ahead of the referendum slated for December, to decide on amendment to the clause in Ghana's Constitution, that bars political parties from participating in politics at local government level, David Ampofo interviewed Dr. Akwetey. The ace interviewer, quizzed his guest on how voting "Yes" will change the political landscape and usher the country into another dimension of democracy. Dr. Akwetey says that the referendum is a smart and strategic decision by the President, as it will bring us a step closer to curbing the issue of "winner-takes-all" in Ghana's political system.

However at least 40 percent of registered voters will have to turn up to vote, and at least 75 percent of the voters present must vote "Yes", Dr. Akwetey explains in the interview. "Local government is part of the executive arm of government", Dr. Akwetey stated before affirming that, democracy has only been practiced at the central levels, thus far.

"He is ceding power", Dr. Akwetey explains, in reference to the President. The governance expert further disclosed that the expected new system, will come with complexities.

The interview is currently available for viewing on, and excerpts have received dozens of reviews on social media.


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